Welcome to Mr. Sweet's Science Page-

Welcome to my page. I am the science teacher and I plan on teaching these kids to their full potentials. During the semester, I will be teaching the students about acceleration, weight, mass, Newton's Laws and more. I expect everyone to bring in their binders with looseleaf, a pen or pencil and a calculator. I expect that the students will behave and I will not tolerate any fooling around.

Homework and Classwork-

Homework will be distributed everyother week while classwork will be done everyday. I expect the homework to be completed and turned in on it's due date and I expect that the class will finish its' classwork neatly and promptly.

Current Homework-

Currently, there is no homework.


Labs are like reflections to the lesson learned. Labs are a one-paragraph summary of the lesson. They will be given out every other week and expected to be handed in on time.