New : Friends and Enemies


Its lunch time and you haven't met anybody. So you eat alone. You see a blond guy w/ his goth girlfriend and her bestie . They start laughing at you.

What do you do...

  1. Stand up for yourself
  2. Leave  

Either way you see Nina... the girl in French Class and her friends..( Fabian,Amber,KT, and Alfie). She asks you to be friends. 

You say yes! Congrats you got 4 new friends. At the end of the Day You tell Mr.Sweet about your day. He frowns when you tell him about Eddie,Patricia,and Joy were making fun of you.


The next day, You are at breakfast and Patricia,Eddie,and Joy starts taunting you

What do You do...

  1. Stay Calm
  2. [Up]

Either way you have to deal w/ porridge on you.

Joy says that she took it too far and make amends with you

  1. Yes
  2. No( Because you saw her snooping through Nina and Fabian's stuff)