"Settle down! Settle down!" Mrs. Andrews yells as she walks into the classroom. A couple of students stop talking and go back to their seats. Mrs. Andrews put down her bag and jacket and starts to write on the board.

You stare at the question, not knowing what it means. "Does anyone know what this means?" Mrs. Andrews asks the students. A boy with messy brown hair and green eyes, raises his hand and says "The first one is asking for your name and the second one is asking how you are feeling". You take out your notebook and a pen and start to write down the questions and the translations. "Does anyone know how to answer these questions?" Mrs. Andrews asks. She looks around the room and notices that no one is raising their hand, but before she can ask another question, the door opens.

"Ah, Nina. Commet ca va?" she asked Nina. The golden-brown haired girl replied "Je suis très bien, merci!". Mrs. Andrews hands Nina a packet and Nina leaves the room. She then turns around to the board and starts to write and you copy...

Ways to answer "Commet ca va"-

​1) Ca va mal (I'm doing bad)

2) Ca va bien (I'm doing good)

3) Come si, come sa (I'm doing so-so)

4) Pas trop bien (Not so well)

5) Je suis assez fatigué (I'm rather tired)

6) Je suis un peu malade (I'm a little sick)

7) Pas mal (Not bad)

8) Formidable (Fantastic)How to answer "Commet tu t'appelles"

9) Je m'appelle (insert name here)


1) True or False: Commet tu t'appelles means "What is your name"

2) How do you answer "Commet ca va?"

3) What did Nina say when she walked in?

4) What does fromidable mean?

5) Answer "Commet tu t'appelles"