"Sit down! Sit down! Stop standing on the chair!" the weary Mrs. Andrews yelled at her class. She was desperately trying to calm the students down. Soon, the class got quiet and sat down in the seat. Mrs. Andrews sighed and went over to her desk. She put down her bags and hung her jacket behind her chair. You look to the white board and you see...

You open up your notebook and copy down the title of the lesson. Then she starts talking and you go into boredom and soon start to doodle. "Excuse me!" you hear Mrs. Andrews boom. Her voice sounds like thunder cracking in the sky and you jump. You quickly shut your notebook to hide the doodles you were drawing. "What's your name?" she asks you, while shooting a glare that can kill a lion. You gulp and start to become hesitant. You quietly tell her your name and your face goes red with embarresment.

"Don't become disturbed while you're in my class again!" she yells, sparing you. You nod your head quickly and open your notebook again. This time, you try harder to pay attention in class. You take the notes and listen to her talk. "Today, we are going to be learning about the Parts of Speech. This week, we are going to be learning aobut verbs, adjectives and nouns. Nouns are people, things, places and ideas. Nouns can be people, dogs, chairs and pencils. Adjectives modify nouns and verbs. They describe the verbs and nouns. For example, the cat-shaped balloon flew in the air. Cat-shaped would be an adjective because it is describing the noun, which is balloon. Verbs are actions like running, jumping, throwing and lifting." she explained while you were half listening and half daydreaming. The bells rings and you and the other students quickly pile up their books in their hands. "Don't forget to do your homework!" she shouts at the class.


1) What is an adjective?

2) Give me an example of an adjective besides cat-shaped.

3) Fill in the blank: Adjectives modify ______ and _____.

4) True or false: Cat is an adjective Bonus: Why did Mrs. Andrews yell at you?</center>